Understanding Different Type of Tires for Your ATV and UTV

Understanding Different Type of Tires for Your ATV and UTV

ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) and UTVs (Utility-Terrain Vehicles) are requiring its own type of tires that would depend on what performance or terrain it goes through when driving on the road. Understanding all types of tires that would fit the performance required is an essential thing to do for those who owned ATV or UTV. Once you have chosen the perfect set of tires for your type of vehicle, you would be able to secure great handling and optimum performance when driving.

There are different types of tires that are available for your unique ATVs and UTVs. We have mud tires, all-terrain racing tires, sand tires, and racing tires. Understanding each type would help you get the type of tires that would match your vehicle’s intended purpose.

In most instances, if the type of tires would be used outside of its intended action, this may cause a big damage on it so let us have some information to keep and understand. For example is the sand tires on which may give little traction and cause serious damages when being driven on hard surfaces. To ensure a safe driving condition you must get the best ATV/UTV tires based on the surface of the road you will have it driven into.

ATV and UTV All-Terrain Tires

These types of wheels are intended to make its way on most terrains like water, soft-packed trails, as well as light mud. The tread patterns on these tires may vary in some ways but are usually equally aggressive. Not as aggressive as mud tires, and the tread depth is usually shallower compared to a mud tire. Unlike mud tires and sand tires, the design and pattern of this type are milder as it is perfect for mild to average terrains on the road. If you plan to go through a more extreme terrain driving, such as deep mud or heavy sand, a more unique set of specialized tires would be a better choice.


ATV and Mud Tires

These types of tires are made specifically for mud terrains. To ensure that it would be easier for ATV or UTV owners to clean their parts after a challenging and muddy drive, the patterns on its tread are made specifically to brush the mud off easily. Most of its tread designs follow a directional pattern which would help do a self-cleaning, and would also allow a great grip on a muddy road.


ATV and UTV Racing Tires

If you intend to use your ATV/UTV for trail racing, you must get a tire that has a great steering response and grip. Racing tires have its own unique requirement, as it is known for its main performance which would require speed and great traction. If you have your ATV for trail racing, you have to get a tire specifically made for high endurance with sharp surfaces and great gasp on the trail road. This tire is designed on a hard surface, so it is not ideal to be used on sand and muddy roads.


ATV and UTV Sand Tires

These set of tires are special and made for solely responsibility for getting it done when driving on sand. Its design and patterns are particularly designed to perform on sand and may not be effective when used on hard surface roads. Its unique patterns make it possible for front and rear tires to be different as both sets have its own way of doing its job when driving your ATV on sand. Sand tires mostly have staggered tread patterns. The tread pattern on the rear tires will feature big amounts of void with huge scoop-like tread lugs. This are called drive tires. Its front tires usually have smooth tread without individual lugs. With some of the front axle sand tires give a raised ridge that wrap around the tire’s circumference. This ridge is there to bring steering control and improved stability.