What is TPMS Rebuild Kits?

What is TPMS Rebuild Kits?

If the vehicle you purchased was manufactured 2007 onwards, it is expected to be installed with a TPMS or also called as tire pressure monitoring system. This is mostly set as a standard for some brand of newly manufactured cars worldwide. TPMS sensors are mainly use to monitor your tire pressure and give you warning when it is lower than the recommended pressure by 25% or more. It has two types, which are direct and indirect.

The direct TPMS has sensors in each of the wheels attached to communicate the information of pressure on each wheels going to the central vehicle receiver. The indirect TPMS gets the pressure details by getting the estimated rotational speed of the tires.

If the one you are using is a direct TPMS sensor, it is required to rebuild the sensor every time you detach the wheels from your vehicle. This is because some of the parts are easily attracted to corrosion and may become brittle overtime which would compromise the tire’s inflation pressure.

The TPMS rebuild kit includes all replacement parts you could use on making sure that your TPMS sensors are well and working good. By making sure that you replace the wearable parts of the installed sensors, this will secure drivers with optimum performance and great handling when on the road.

The rubber rebuild kit includes parts like core, cap, valve stem and screw. The metal rebuild kit of TPMS contains core, cap, rubber grommet, and retaining nut.


There are some instances that your sensors would go through a replacement. Some examples that may lead you to this include corrosion from its parts, tire sealant, and a weak or dead battery. All conditions would make replacement necessary than just using rebuilding kits. The batteries for TPMS have an estimated lifespan of 100,000 miles or 7-10 years.

To innovate more options on replacing your sensors, we bring additional sensors you could use for your extra set of wheels and tires. This other sensors could be essential to all tires for both competition and all-season usage. We also provide you with independent TPMS kits that would bring you the same sense like the OE sensors. The kits includes a dash mounted display and transmitters that is mostly installed with all four wheels which are compatible with mostly all applications on wheels. These kits are also designed to give the same sense of advantage to trailer and old vehicles that does not have TPMS systems attached.