What To Do When You Have a Flat Tire?

What To Do When You Have a Flat Tire?

Do you imagine yourself driving 70 m per hour, then, suddenly you hear a sound that seems to be familiar, and you know that this sound does not really bring good news for you? I know it would cause panic and you will even thought of what to do next.

“ Thump..Thump..Thump..”

There’s the sound from your flat tires. So, what to do now? Getting ready for unexpected circumstances like having a flat tire is one important thing that all car owners should consider. This will not just prepare you for accidental occurrences, but keep your car free from maximum damage.


Check if you have a spare tire inside your vehicle. Latest versions of car models do not have a spare tire integrated so you have to ensure that if you are going into a long drive, you have a spare tire, or flat tire kits available. Make sure that your tire pressure was checked regularly before driving, but the spare tire should also be seen almost regularly to ensure that once it is needed, you have a tire to depend to. Some important items you should consider are flashlight, gauge, and a piece of towel, and then you are good to go. Lastly, another set of clothes may be essential because changing flat tires will have your clothes covered in grease and dirt. You would not want to mess your interior after changing your tires.

You have to go to a nearby safe place to change your flat tires. Make sure to turn on the flashers while going into the safe spot. Once you are good in a level place with a hard surface, have your parking brake be set.

Make sure that all tools are available. Tools like Lug Wrench, ReVolt Headlamp, Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack, and Tire Pressure Gauge are some of the essential tools to note.

Have the lugs of your tires be loose. You can start doing it by placing wheel chocks to avoid unwanted tire movement. If you are with someone, have that person guide you as you have to lay down to reach the lug nuts and have it loose. Some vehicles may require a lug key adapter to do so.

Have your car be elevated using a jack, wait until you see the light in between the tires and the ground, that way you could ensure that its high enough for the next step.

Remove the tires by removing all the lug nuts that you have loosen up. After successfully removing the tire, place it at the back of your car.

Get the spare tire and have it placed as to where you remove the flat tire, place the lugs back into its original place where the flat tire was removed.

Have the car back to the ground by using the jack and turning it on a different position to lower it down. Once okay, remove the jack and get the lug wrench once again.

Have the lug nuts be tight using the lug wrench. Have it tighten in a crisscross pattern to ensure stability. Once all good and the lugs are tight enough, it is all good. Making sure that it is tightened properly would also secure the tires attached in your car.

Lastly, clean your tools and make sure that you all have it placed back into the back of your car. Ensure that you also wash or wipe your hand to make sure it is clean before you even touch it anywhere inside the car.

Once everything is set, make sure that your speed is lower than 70 m per hour as you may not be prepared anymore for another blowout. Make sure to be cautious with the vehicle’s actions like brakes, as this may be a bit different than usual. Once all settled and you have a chance to have the tires be checked, have it inspected by a professional tire technician to ensure everything is perfectly done. Our online wheels store not just give you array of products, but professional tips and advices you could keep along the way.